How you can help?

Our Approach to Child Well-being

The approach is simple: our goal is to create an accessible way for everyday consumers to contribute to causes in need. To do this, we have created an appealling product that gives you confidence that your money is being put to good use. Whenever you buy any of our ethnically inspired products, the money you spend is donated to areas around the world in order to improve infrastructure, education, and quality of life.

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Jivanah donates over $250 towards school in Kabale, Uganda!

With many thanks to our awesome supporters and our loyal customers, for New Year, Jivanah was able to donate the first amount to Child Africa and its school in Kabale. We donated over $250, 180 Euros for the School, and 10 Euros for a textbook! This amount can do much for the school project in Kabale. It could provide for a few blackboards, which

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Jivanah & Haiti School Project – Textbooks for Children

Haiti is about to be hit by Huricanne Isaac, and Jivanah and Haiti School Project is teaming up and partnering to provide textbooks for children in Haiti. Education to many impoverished people is a ticket out of poverty. The Haitian people face many challenges both in advancing their country out of poverty and in meeting life’s daily demands.  The earthquake of 2010 brought this

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Jivanah helps Child Africa build school in Kabale

With recent partnership with Child Africa, Jivanah teams up to help build a deaf-friendly school in Kalabe, Uganda. Any proceed from the Kalulu Laptop Sleeve Collection will directly benefit the building of this school in Uganda. A kindergarten and primary school that incorporates deaf children in Kabale in Uganda. Child Africa’s first school project was a school for deaf children and this school is

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